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Eric Michel Catholic

Master Altar (Centre)

The church had 5 altars

GAGNON: November 11, baptized Joseph Eric Michel born November 2, child of Maurice Gagnon and Irène Gosselin. Godfather Désiré Gagnon and Godmother Julia Wilson. Carrier Lucienne Gosselin.

At Our-Lady-Of-Grace, Hull Quebec. Canada

Notre-Dame-de-Grace Parish

Paroisse Jean XXIII - Gatineau 

La Paroisse De La Communauté Chrétienne Jean XXIII de la ville de Gatineau, P.Q.

L’abbé Jacques Cantin (en photo avec le parents du  Rev. Eric) de la paroisse Jean-XXIII

à Gatineau, est décédé 2 Avril 2021.

le Père Jacques Cantin est un ex-Aumônier de la base militaire d'Halifax.

La paroisse Jean XXIII fut fondée le 14 septembre 1974.

The Jean XXIII Christian Community Parish of the city of Gatineau, P.Q.

Father Jacques Cantin (pictured with the parents of Rev. Eric) of John-XXIII parish

in Gatineau, passed away April 2, 2021.

Father Jacques Cantin is a former Chaplain of the military base in Halifax.

John XXIII parish was founded on September 14, 1974.

The archdiocese was founded in 1963 as the "Diocese of Hull," within the ecclesiastical province of Ottawa and with territory taken from the Archdiocese of Ottawa. The name was changed in 1982 to "Diocese of Gatineau–Hull." In 1990, the diocese was raised to the rank of a metropolitan see as the "Archdiocese of Gatineau–Hull." 

Its current name was established in 2005 

When the diocese was founded in 1963 as the Diocese of Hull, it had as its cathedral, Holy Redeemer Church in Hull. In 1982, when it was renamed the Diocese of Gatineau–Hull, it had two co-cathedrals, St. John Vianney Church in Gatineau and St. Joseph Church in Hull. In 2005, when it became the Archdiocese of Gatineau, it ceased to have co-cathedrals as St. Joseph Cathedral became the cathedral for the whole archdiocese..

The Archdiocese of Gatineau (Latin: Archidioecesis Gatinensis) is a Latin Church ecclesiastical territory or diocese situated in the province of Quebec. The Archdiocese of Gatineau is the metropolitan of its ecclesiastical province, which also contains three suffragan dioceses: Dioceses of Amos, Mont-Laurier and Rouyn-Noranda. 

As of 2006, the archdiocese contains 61 parishes (John XXIII), 47 active diocesan priests, 29 religious priests, and 231,000 Catholics. It also has 202 women religious and 39 religious brothers.