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Membership requires both Discipleship and love

but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work. I Corinthians 12:4-6

A member is considered ‘ACTIVE’ if attending annual meetings, participating in church discussion groups and activities, taking classes, or making contributions.
Membership status may be terminated by request of a member, the death of a member, misconduct, or inactivity for a period of two years or more.

Church membership is a public affirmation of someone’s public profession of faith in Christ, and Jesus has appointed

baptism as the means by which his followers publicly profess their faith. We can’t affirm the profession of someone who hasn’t yet made that profession. Baptism is how you publicly identify yourself with Christ and with his people (Acts 2:38–41). It’s how you visibly signify that you are united to Christ in His death, burial, and resurrection (Rom. 6:1–4). It’s how you are identified before the church and the world as one who belongs to the Triune God (Matt. 28:19).

God selected people from every nation and tribe, scattered throughout the earth, all those who have been given the gift of faith, by God, to believe. Our local gathering, which is organized in a way so as to function within the parameters given in the scriptures, is often described as "the local church"

When an individual is baptized, he becomes a member of the body of Christ (1 Cor. 12:13). Because he is united to Christ and the other members of the body in this way, he is therefore qualified to become a member of a local expression of that body. One who, by his own volition, has declared allegiance, commitment, or submission to; or affiliation with our assembly specifically and exclusively, and who has been accepted by our group based upon certain criteria.                                  

Church membership is important because it helps define the clergy’s responsibility

How do I become a member?

Individual Membership $$$ per year  Class "A"

Giving / Donation

Throughout Scripture, God has called his people to be generous. This generosity is shown in the use of our gifts, our time and our financial resources. We encourage you to contribute to the

needs of the church family, through time, by use of your talents or financially. We seek to be biblical and balanced in our approach by trusting the Father to meet the financial needs of the church

through the offering given by the EMMI family.

How To Donate

You can contribute to the ministry by Tithe with one-time gifts or automatic weekly/monthly recurring donations.

Membership Classifications

Classification des membres

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