Set Up a Group

We are a Catholic Ministry

A church is a spiritual community that comes together in a joint fellowship. Create a group of like-minded Catholic thinkers and believers in your local diocese; you may be interested in branching out with FAICL. 

Where to start?

You can learn to begin the early informal processes and expand your church in the community. 

Start a home spiritual discussion group

it's best to establish a somewhat sizable and united fellowship of people with similar beliefs to undergo together. Start talking with like-minded people and getting together on a regular basis.

Define the scope of the group.

You can establish a group at varying levels, and the better you define your aims for the group. Establishing a ministry, for example, is somewhat

different than forming a corporately structured church, housed in its own building. Consider:

Home Groups provide an opportunity for the development of  Catholic Christian relationships within the Living Word.

Christian relationships are made through the bond of love, we share with the Holy Spirit. During a typical home group meeting, we study the word of God, share testimonies, pray and fellowship over some snacks/coffee. 


We need 4 people for a Home Group and 25 people for a larger group.

Beginning Investment

Minimum 150.00$ per month or 37.50$ per member/month for 4 members or 6.00$ per member/month if 25 members, which gives you to work at  an office address with a receptionist, an existing not for profit corporation. (Old prices)

You assign officers.

You'll need officers, we have an EMMI-FAICL board of directors and a membership. Make sure ahead of time you've got willing participants to fulfill the various procedural and accounting roles necessary to make the group run smoothly.

These roles will be different from the church staff. You don't need to think about janitorial and secretarial roles, but make sure you've got some ideas for visiting and youth ministry, music, and fundraising. The decision-making players need to be in place before you move forward.