Richard Rohr 

Richard Rohr is an American Franciscan priest of the Order of Friars Minor (also called the Franciscans, the Franciscan Order, or the Seraphic Order; postnominal abbreviation OFM) is a mendicant Catholic religious order, founded in 1209 by Francis of Assisi. 

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Sister Ilia Delio

Sister Ilia Delio is a Franciscan Sister of Washington, DC,  at Washington Theological Union

New Creation - Center for Christogenesis

Promoting Christogenesis

Only One God manifested in Christ creator of the multiverse

THE COSMIC CHRIST Is The Theistic Evolution

Theistic evolution, theistic evolutionism, or evolutionary creationism are views that regard religious teachings about god as compatible with modern scientific understanding about biological evolution. Theistic evolution is not a scientific theory, but a range of views about how the science of general evolution relates to religious beliefs in contrast to special creation views. Supporters of theistic evolution generally harmonize evolutionary thought with belief in God, rejecting the conflict thesis regarding the relationship between religion and science, they hold that religious teachings about creation and scientific theories of evolution need not contradict each other.


The Omega Point

The Omega Point cannot be the result of the universe’s final complex stage of its own consciousness. Instead, the Omega Point must exist even before the universe’s evolution, because the Omega Point is responsible for the rise of the universe towards more complexity, consciousness and personality. This essentially means that the Omega Point is outside the framework in which the universe rises because it is by the attraction of the Omega Point that the universe evolves towards Him.

Both the natural and the spiritual,  it should base on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual, considered as a meaningful unity. ~ Albert Einstein

Credo, adapted by Eric Michel “What I Believe”

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Franciscan Mysticism with Fr. Richard Rohr

The Universal Christ from the Universal God lead to the Universal Salvation


The Universal Creed